Modern and Contemporary Sculpture

New York

September 16 – October 23, 2010

Richard Gray Gallery-New York is pleased to announce Modern and Contemporary Sculpture, an exhibition highlighting a wide breadth of sculpture from the last 100+ years.

Exhibiting work by: Jean Arp, Alexander Calder, John Chamberlain, Joseph Cornell, Richard Diebenkorn, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Alberto Giacometti, Thomas Houseago, Donald Judd, Joan Miró, Henry Moore, Claes Oldenburg, Pablo Picasso, Anselm Reyle, Medardo Rosso, David Smith and Andy Warhol.

Modern and Contemporary Sculpture demonstrates the progression and aesthetic evolution of sculptural practice from 1890 to today: from Picasso and Rosso’s turn-of-the-century mask-like works to Calder’s early experimentation with wire in Portrait of Eduard Penkala (1929); to the amorphous abstractions of Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure (1938) and Jean Arp’s curvaceous Musensäule (1965); to Joseph Cornell’s unconventional surrealist inventions in the 1950s; and post-modern interpretations of the nature of sculpture in Andy Warhol’s Brillo Box (1964) and Claes Oldenburg’s Soft Juicit (1965).

Modern and Contemporary Sculpture is on view until October 23rd.

Richard Gray Gallery – New York is open
Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-5:30.

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