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Jaume Plensa


In a special video feature produced on the occasion of Nocturne, Jaume Plensa reflects on his latest solo exhibition at Gray. "I'm talking about opposites, about contradictions ... invisible with visible, immaterial with material, tangible and intangible. [I am] talking about something that has no volume, that has no weight, something that is completely invisible to our eyes but it is part of our hearts, which we can call soul [or] energy, maybe a spirit. Who knows? Can you imagine [having] the capacity to penetrate inside the volume of the head and to understand perfectly [the room] where our ideas, our dreams, everything that we can imagine is in? Maybe we can dream about it."

Nocturne is currently on view at Gray Warehouse through January 9, 2021. Access the exhibition online by visiting the viewing room on our website, or reserve an in-person appointment via DM, phone or email.