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Artist Interview: Jaume Plensa, Dreaming, 2020

"I love communities and I love people. I love to offer beauty to people in their everyday lives. Dreaming is a portrait of a young woman but it could be a portrait of any one of us."

Gray is pleased to announce the unveiling of Jaume Plensa's latest public work, Dreaming. Located at the Richmond-Adelaide Centre in Toronto’s Financial District and organized by Oxford Properties Group, the monumental sculpture transforms the downtown plaza and stretches over three stories high. In a recent video interview, Plensa expands on the conceptualization and construction of the work.

Dreaming exemplifies Plensa’s aptitude for creating engaging and poignant public sculptures that bring together communities and become icons for the cities in which they live. Compelling in scale and structure, Plensa's cast stone portrait captures its subject in a moment of stillness, evoking a sense of inner-tranquility and expressing the beauty in humanity. An artist with a wide international presence, Plensa's other public sculpture can be found in top metropolitan cities such as New York, London, Singapore, Chicago, Barcelona, and Tokyo.

Cover photo by Paul Karkas.