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Torkwase Dyson


Torkwase Dyson: A Dark Plunge
English, 78 pages
Softcover, 2023

Published by GRAY

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GRAY is pleased to announce the release of Torkwase Dyson: A Dark Plunge. The book features poems and a new series of mixed media collages by Torkwase Dyson.

Textural and richly varied in mark making, these works are the latest extension of her practice of rendering the complexity of shared histories and shifting geographies into fields of abstracted forms. Dyson will present a new body of paintings and sculptures in her debut solo exhibition at GRAY Chicago in 2024.


Working in painting, drawing, and sculpture, Torkwase Dyson combines expressive mark-making and geometric abstraction to explore the continuity between ecology, infrastructure, and architecture. Dyson deconstructs, distills, and interrogates the built environment, exploring how individuals, particularly black and brown people, negotiate, negate, and transform systems and spatial order. Throughout her work and research, Dyson confronts issues of environmental liberation and envisions a path toward a more equitable future.