Jaume Plensa: 'Silent Music' at Expo Chicago's IN/SITU

September 20 - 23, 2012

Music has been a lifelong muse for Barcelona-based conceptual artist Jaume Plensa. As a child, he grew up surrounded by letters, books, poems, and music. At the center of Plensa’s childhood memories is his father playing the piano. As a small boy, Plensa would crawl inside the piano and experience music with all of his senses; feeling the vibrations of the notes, the smell of wood, the taste of the dust and the sound of the keys and music they produced. Musical notes, like letters of the alphabet, are the abstract building blocks of languages that have ability to create spiritual and transcendental experiences. The stainless steel musical notes that compose Silent Music create a monumental figure symbolic of the universal language achieved through music and felt by all facets of human experience. Viewers can see the music that renders the figure’s form, then enter the sculpture’s song by walking inside of figure and experiencing the artwork's physical and spiritual presence, parallel to Plensa’s experience inside his father’s piano. Once inside, although no music can be heard with one’s ears, Plensa suggests those who enter might hear the silent music as experienced within their body and soul.

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